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Bạn nào chưa biết Management Trainee là gì thì xem lại trọn bộ chia sẻ kinh nghiệm thi tất cả các vòng từ các Management Trainee/Fresher/Intern ở đây nhé: Kinh nghiệm thi Management Trainee – Trọn bộ hơn 150 bài viết chi tiết và đừng quên tham gia group Next Management Trainee: để nhận được cập nhật những bài chia sẻ kinh nghiệm thi tuyển sớm nhất nha!


FAST RETAILING VIETNAM (UNIQLO – GU brand) is looking for ambitious candidates in Vietnam who aim to be future business leaders. Candidates with leadership skills, who are willing to learn new things and taking up the challenges are welcome to join this position. The position will give you the golden opportunity to work in a fast-growing and collaborative environment.

About the Company

Fast Retailing is Japan’s leading fashion retailer – No. 1 in Japan and No. 3 worldwide – with more than 3,600 stores around the world. They own popular brands such UNIQLO, GU, PLST, Theory, Comptoirs des Cotonniers and Princess Tam Tam. As the top fashion retailer in Japan with the highest sales within the appereal industry. Fast Retailing is now targeting to become the world’s No. 1 apparel manufacturer-cum-retailer. UNIQLO & GU are the mainstay of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.

Working Hour & Location

  • Working hour: Mon-Fri | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Working location: District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City (traveling for business is required)

Job Description

  • Embrace Fast Retailing Group’s philosophy by acquiring the basic understanding of UNIQLO/ GU Production Control through training and following Supervisors/ Managers’ direction.
  • Quality-Cost-Delivery Control: perform factory visit to check and inspect garment, as well as negotiate with partners in order to ensure that they are complying with the Company’s manuals & standards.
  • Work closely with all stakeholders, including external partners worldwide & relevant  departments.
  • To complete tasks as required by Mentors / Supervisors and Managers.
  • Report directly Mentor / Supervisor / Manager.


  • Graduated in 2020 – 2022, and able to work full time starting from May 2022
  • Excellent proficiency in English (with TOEIC 700, IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 80 or equivalent)
  • Interested in production for garment & fashion
  • Demonstrated or having potential in Leadership skill
  • Strong problem-solving skill, logical & innovative
  • Can travel by car/airplane to the factory


  • Competitive salary with transportation allowance and parking allowance
  • Premium insurance, company PC & company phone will be provided
  • Performance bonus: 2 times/year
  • 13th-month salary
  • Outstanding Candidates will be offered a role as official employees after 2-month probation period

Significant Dates

Bài viết tổng hợp trọn bộ kinh nghiệm thi Management Trainee (Quản trị viên tập sự): Kinh nghiệm thi Management Trainee – Trọn bộ hơn 150 bài viết chi tiết

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